Grow Workshops (Friday, February 10th)

Teacher/ECE Professional Growth

  • Developing a Harvest Strategy for your School (Jon Schroeder)

    We all say that our school is an outreach tool, but saying it doesn't make it so. Every school wants to see unchurched families move from school attendance to church membership. Pastor Jonathan Schroeder’s presentation will focus on developing and implementing a written plan on how your school intends to give the Holy Spirit opportunities to win a harvest of souls out of your school. Pastor Schroeder serves at Faith, Sharpsburg, Georgia, whose preschool of 96 students averages 95% non-WELS families at the beginning of each school year.

  • Catching Boy readers Before They Fall (Terri Washington and Felisha Branford)
This session will be team taught by an elementary and secondary reading specialist. ***Please note that if you plan to attend, you will be required to purchase a $25 book for the workshop.***   Is engaging boys a challenge for you in the classroom? Discover a powerful, practical and comprehensive framework to improve literacy instruction for adolescent males. Participants will engage in learner-centered strategies and methods that support the developmental and learning needs of adolescent males. This session provides an opportunity to learn how to engage boys in authentic discussion and improve text comprehension through reading.

  • Reaching Across Cultures in the Classroom (Mrs. Jennifer Semanko)
         Have you found it difficult to connect with children and families you meet in your ministry that are from a different cultural                background? Maybe there is a language barrier or simply different customs in raising children. This session will give you                concrete strategies to help build relationships with families from different backgrounds that can lead to more opportunities to          share Jesus.
  • When to Refer Students for Evaluation (Mrs. Brenda Wagenknecht) 
         Do you have a child who you do not how to help? You may have tried every strategy you know or you may just feel another          professional's evaluation is needed. This session will help you determine when it is time for a referral to a developmental              pediatrician, physical/occupational/speech therapist, or a school district for evaluation. It will provide checklists for parents             and teachers to help guide discussions and will answer questions about specific referral processes.
  • Fishing with Playdough: Using Early Childhood Programs to Reach Families with the Gospel (TBD) (Amy David, Amanda Singh, and Molly Taylor)
During Jesus’ ministry he often met a physical need for people to segue into meeting their spiritual needs. Believers today can use this same model to gain an audience for the Message. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Flower Mound, Texas is meeting the needs of young families in their community with story time and playdough through their Mornings with Mommy program. This early childhood program has brought over 350 families through the doors of the church over the past two and a half years. The relationships built with these families have created an opportunity for an additional unique preschool program called Power Hour where the Gospel message is preached to students AND their families! Learn more about these programs and their potential!

Pastoral Professional Growth
  • Preparing Bible Studies and Sermons using Logos Bible Software (Dean Ellis) 
This workshop will explore many of the features in Logos Bible Software. The goal of this workshop is to show how these     features help to prepare for Bible studies and sermons. The workshop will begin by setting up Logos with your preferred       Bible, lexicons, grammars and commentaries. We will then create guides to help with your text studies. These guides will     use all your preferred resources for a particular verse or section of Scripture. After setting up Logos we will explore the         powerful search functions in Logos. This will help with word, phrase and clause studies. This approach will help supplement  the use of a concordance. We will also explore the use of collections, visual filters, and personal books. Finally, we will put  these skills to the test as we go over a text study.

  • Pastor's Wives Renewal - (Janinne Skorzewski) 
Wives of called workers fill a very unique but important role in the function of a healthy church. This session is specifically geared toward encouraging and uplifting these often underserved soldiers on the front lines of ministry. We all have very different backgrounds and gifts, but we will come together unified in Christ and our husbands’ profession. Come prepared to grow in Him and together with each other! 

  • Greek Reading/Exegesis (John Vieths)
In this session we will take a closer look at the Greek text behind the sermon in the opening service for this conference. We will dig further into the context, grammar, and vocabulary. As we make note of the many Scriptural truths in this selection, we will discuss the homiletical value of each, and the process of deciding which ones are selected for inclusion in the sermon and which ones are set aside for possible future exposition. Participants are free to offer their critiques and discussion of the homiletical choices made by this presenter, the preacher of the sermon. 

  • Confessional Study (Paul Seager)

Dominus et magister noster Iesus Christus dicendo, “Penitentiam agite etc.,” omnem vitam fidelium penitentiam esse voluit. One could say that statement sparked the Lutheran Reformation of the Church.  By writing his first thesis, “When our Lord and Master Jesus Christ said, “Repent,” he willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance,” Luther wasn’t really saying anything new.  He was taking us back to the words of the Forerunner and Jesus himself, both of whom said, Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”  In celebration of the Reformation’s 500th year, it is fitting for us to study that article of the Lutheran Confessions that takes us back to where it began.  Of Repentance.  Article XII of the Augsburg Confession lays out the study for us so nicely.  “Repentance consists properly of these two parts:  one is contrition…the other is faith...Then good works are bound to follow.”

General Education
  • Training Elders to Serve (John Koelpin)

  • Church App - How One Church Went Mobile (Adam Gould)
Holy Word recognized that we were missing an opportunity to make stewardship easier for our members. What began as a search for the best method to allow our members to give offerings via their phones grew into a powerful new tool to engage members, the Holy Word Mobile App. This session will tell the story, from recognizing the need, to selecting a vendor, to choosing app content, congregational launch, to strategies to drive its use. At a time when statistics tell us that church attendance is falling, a church app is a tool to reach your members wherever they are.

  • Setting God Pleasing Priorities (Ed Schuppe)
It is difficult in our day and age with all of the technology, all of the distractions and the speed of just daily living to keep our priorities straight. But how do determine our priorities as husbands and wives, as parents and grandparents, as worker or employer? Where does God fit into all of this? Mission Counselor Ed Schuppe will offer you insights from God's Word, from his 24 years as a parish pastor, from his 15 years of working with new missions and church planters, from his 40 years as a husband and 39 years as a father of 3 and now a grandfather of 6. He served 6 years as corporate chaplain for a high tech company in Atlanta, GA and 13 years as a chaplain at the Navy Regional Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL. With these unique perspectives on life, he will guide you in determining your priorities and then offer you practical advice on keeping your priorities straight, by God's grace.

  • Using Social Media Campaigns in Your Outreach Ministry (Ben Reichel/Brian Kaiser) 
We have built a fully engaged and rapidly growing community-- focused on faith, centered around God's Word, and striving to be better Christians on a daily basis by strategically using select social media platforms. By intentionally focusing on selected platforms, we were successfully able to organically grow an online community from zero to over 500 in 60 days. Even better, we did it by re-purposing sermon series! Not bad, huh? This organic social and online growth is translating into personal conversations about Christ, the Church, its ministry and how to become a part of our efforts here in the Fulshear area. We look forward to sharing how you too can use these proven methodologies to do the same in your area this February.

  • Revitalizing The Mission Spirit of an Existing Congregation (Jeremy Cares) 

That’s not the way we do things! I’ve never heard of that before! What do you mean we need to change?! Maybe you have heard these statements before. Maybe you have even thought or said these things yourself. The truth is that when it comes to sharing Jesus it’s not usually a matter of how we’re doing it, but if we’re doing it. In our workshop we will look at Jesus call to reach the lost for him and how we may re-energize and excite the mission spirit in our congregations. You are a missionary for Jesus and your congregation is filled with missionaries for Jesus. Let’s get fired up and watch the Holy Spirit work through us!

  • Marriage Counseling - Helping Couples Get Unstuck (Annie Drake)