Grow Workshops (Friday, February 10th)

Teacher/ECE Professional Growth

  • Love and Logic in the classroom (Tania Kopplin)
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  • Music Workshop (Dawn Aswege)
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  • Reaching Out With Family Friendly Schools – Passion, Preparation & Procedures - Tom Hering
         How family friendly is your school? This presentation will help you wrestle with that question (including the use of a Family

         Friendly School Inventory) and provide some ideas regarding important characteristics, attitudes and behaviors associated           with family friendly schools. These concepts are important whether you are reaching out to people in your community or to             those in your church family.

        Tom graduated from Dr. Martin Luther College (MLC) in 1980. He served as a principal and teacher in WELS schools in                Carlsbad, CA (19 years) and Grafton (5 years). Fourteen years ago he accepted a Staff Minister Call in Grafton, where he            has focused on pastoral support duties. Tom has remained connected to school ministry by serving on some consulting and          accreditation teams, serving on the local ALHS Board of Directors, and occasionally substitute teaching. His wife, Linda, has

        taught Family and Consumer Education classes at Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School for the past 19 years, and together          they have 6 children and 7 (8) grandchildren.

  • Special Ed - Brenda Wagenknecht 
         Special Education in WELS Schools: Are you a teacher who wants to address the needs of all your students? An 
         administrator who wants resources to develop a plan to meet special needs in your school? Are you a parent or member 
         who wants ideas on how to support your WELS school as an inclusive setting? Brenda Wagenknecht is a special education
         teacher with experience as an inclusion specialist. She will address ways our schools are poised to meet the needs of 
         students with varying challenges: learning disabilities, physical disabilities, intellectual and developmental delays. Learn the
         terms IEP, 504 Plan, Accommodations, and Modifications and how WELS schools can use them to address student needs. 
        Take away tools and resources that you can use immediately in your school setting!

Pastoral Professional Growth
  • Preaching (Pastor Jon Enter)
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  • Member Retention and Member Ministry (Pastor Jon Enter)
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General Education
  • Twelve Two Creative (Alli Pappathopoulos)
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  • NOT How to do a Ministry Plan, but DOING a ministry plan (Ed Schuppe)

          Flying by the seat of your pants does not work in aviation? And "flying by the seat of your pants" usually does not work in              the church if you want to get more and more people involved? So what do we do? Planning. Mission Counselor Ed                        Schuppe will share with you some basics of planning and will help you develop a ministry plan before you leave the                        conference. Planning has been a lifelong study and passion of Ed. He guarantees you will learn a lot and have fun doing it.

  • Marriage Digging Deeper and Role Play (Annie Drake )
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  • Praise and Proclaim training (Dave Malnes)
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  • Small Group Bible Studies (Dan Schmidt)

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  • Hot and Cold Cultures (Steve Wagenknecht)

  • Shepherd's Plan (Verlyn Hahn)

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